Strange Case

The plot of the “Strange Case” escape room is based on the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde that took place in 1886 in London.

Dr. Jekyll, a respected gentleman, made an amazing discovery: each person has a good and a bad personality, that can be switched from one to another via medical influences. Dr. Jekyll invents a unique potion that allows to temporarily suppress the good personality and decides to test it himself… This is how Mr. Hyde – Jekyll’s alter ego, a gloomy and cruel character, is born… No one has seen Dr. Jekyll ever since.

London, nowadays. You are tourists trying to get in out of the sudden downpour. You enter an old house and realize that there is still someone living there. Yes, this is the same old house of Dr. Jekyll… There are numerous riddles and clues to them in the room, and you should be smart enough to solve these riddles during an hour, steal Dr. Jekyll’s potion and try not to become the next victims of the bloodthirsty Mr. Hyde…

60 minutes

60 minutes

Difficulty Level: Hard

Difficulty: Hard

Friends and Families

2-6 players


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“We‘ve done the Escape room with the Jekyll & Hyde theme today and it was really fantastic! We‘ve done quite some rooms before already but this one was definitely one of the best!
It‘s located in the city center of Jerusalem and easy to reach.”

Feline81 (TripAdvisor)


“I’ve done lots of escape rooms in many different cities, and this one is now in my top 3 by far. Challenging, interesting and with clues and riddles I’ve never seen before. Really well done. Me and my husband got out in 43 minutes!” 

Esther Taub Amram (our Facebook page)


“One of the best escape rooms I’ve ever been to. Great decor, interesting story, sophisticated tasks”

Leia Lala Rza-Guliyeva (room.run)


Aristobulos 2, Jerusalem, Israel

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